Bacon and Butter: A Farm-to-Fork Brunch Spot that Serves Much More Than its Name Implies

May 10, 2016 | western

When you do something really well, it’s called your “bread and butter.” So when chef Billy Zoellin was thinking up the name for his restaurant, he asked himself what’s even better than bread and butter and inspiration hit: bacon and butter. This doesn’t mean all of his dishes contain bacon and butter; far from it. Bacon and Butter is a farm-to-fork brunch eatery, and Zoellin can’t predict very far in advance what he’ll be offering diners. But if Yelp reviews are any indication, you can’t go wrong with anything Zoellin creates.

Zoellin tries to incorporate more than just taste into his dishes. Color is important to him, too, as well as texture. For example, when he makes pancakes, he just folds the buttermilk batter, he doesn’t mix it. Leaving it lumpy creates more tender pancakes, and requires more than five minutes on the griddle. If you come here on a weekend, be prepared for a wait — it’s not unusual for the line to snake around the side of the building. Diners say the wait is worth it, though.

Bacon and Butter
5913 Broadway
Sacramento, CA 95820

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