5 Reasons Why Every Household Should Have a Magic Eraser on Hand

October 25, 2016 | western

A wad of paper towels works just fine for certain cleaning tasks, but some tougher jobs call for extra reinforcements. We suggest reaching for Mr. Clean Magic Erasers! These sponge-shaped "erasers" use melamine foam to create an extra-fine abrasive texture that gently (but effectively!) cleans grease and grime. Here are five reasons you should keep a few of the erasers under your sink!

1) They can clean oven glass. That baked-on grease on your oven glass is no match for a Magic Eraser. Simply wet the eraser, then scrub the glass in a circular motion. This chemical-free cleaning method might require a few passes to get your glass crystal clear. You can also use the sponge on regular window glass!

2) They erase scuff marks. Whether caused by shoes, bicycle tires, or anything in between, black scuff marks can easily be cleaned by Magic Erasers. Bonus: The erasers are also great at removing crayon from walls and ink from fingers!

3) They can make shoes look brand-new. If the soles of your sneakers are looking a little dingy, wipe them down with a Magic Eraser to get them back to bright-white.

4) They can clean outdoor furniture. Expecting company? Having a cook-out? Take a Magic Eraser to your chaise lounges, patio chairs, and table to get everything shiny and clean for your guests.

5) They power through grease. For really greasy, sticky cleaning jobs (like cleaning a cooktop or range hood), reach for a Magic Eraser. Don't forget the tops of your kitchen cabinets!

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