How (and Why!) You Should Spend Quality Time With Your Family

November 1, 2016 | western

Between after-school activities and work commitments, it can seem like you and your family members are like passing trains in the night. But that's all the more reason why you should make quality time with your brood a priority! Here's how:

1) Communicate. Did you know that the simple act of communicating with your child can help spur his success in school? Express interest in your child's day by asking how his day went, and be sure to lend an ear when your child needs to vent.

2) Dine together. Between setting the table and sharing favorite foods, eating together at meal times helps foster a sense of connectedness. Consider banning phones and other devices from the dinner table to avoid distractions and to encourage conversation.

3) Have fun. Whether it's through board games or trips to the amusement park, having fun with your family is as important as setting rules!

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