Simple, Time-Honored Tips for Cleaning Your Linoleum Floors


Durable and inexpensive, linoleum is an easy choice when it comes to flooring. Despite it being hard wearing, linoleum, which is made from solidified linseed oil and other components, looks best with a little maintenance and a touch of elbow grease. Here are a few ways to keep your linoleum floors looking brand new and […]

Break Out Your Rubber Gloves: Here’s How to Banish Calcium Build-Up From Your Home at Rivercrest Apartments


Crusty, grimy, and chalky, mineral deposits are a little tricky to clean. Regular household cleaners can't quite tackle the build-up, and the deposits can really compromise the functionality of your faucets. And moreover, those deposits are just unsightly! Break out those rubber gloves — here's how to banish calcium build-up from your home at Rivercrest […]

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